Back from RainbowCon! #rainbowcon

And I’m back!

To everyone who came up to me, thanks for saying hi and giving me hugs! I really had a great time meeting you!

RainbowCon was a complete and total blast! I had so much fun. This was a smaller than average con, more of a boutique con, just like many of the presses at the convention. This gave us authors some one-on-one time with our readers, which was great!

There were great things, like snacks, sodas and water bottles, which were available to all the convention go-ers in the hospitality suite. I loved the dealer room, which was great. I picked up a lot of swag 🙂

Things I learned at RainbowCon:

  • You can eat at a restaurant one night but if you go back with 40 people, you might have some issues.
  • Strippers get really sweaty. Like wayyyyyy sweaty. O.O
  • 10 o’clock panels are fail. Most people are drunk and it’s past my bedtime. ZZZZ
  • Open bar makes me sad because I can’t drink anymore.
  • My cats miss me when I’m gone – and so does my hubby.

I’m totally looking forward to RainbowCon 2015, which will be back in Tampa, but this time July! Which is great! It’ll be hot but most of out time will be spent inside discussing books! 😀 I can’t wait.

While at RainbowCon, I received notification that Dangerous Submission finaled in the National Leather Association-International awards, specifically in the Pauline Reage Novel Award. So Yay!!! I’m very excited!

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until Sunday. I had to leave early, which made me sad…

But then I wasn’t sad because it’s my anniversary! 🙂

My hubby got these cool Walkman headphones from Sony that I had asked for. Unfortunately, my pressie to him hasn’t arrived but it should any day now. *taps foot*

Now I’m off for my StayCation. 😀

I know my blog has been sparse for the past year. Unfortunately I’ve discontinued Caturday due to Chester’s recent and ongoing illness. I sometimes post them on Facebook so keep an eye out for them there.

Next month, off to RT in New Orleans! Come and see me at the Book Fair! 😀