I’m back from the Sky!

I bet you thought I was flying around in the Sky but that’s the name of the Norwegian Cruise Line ship that goes out of Miami for three and four night cruises. Anyway, I’m back from my fabulous cruise. It was a huge amount of fun and since my family reads my blog and apparently enjoys these rundowns of my vacations, I will oblige them my views of our trip.


Day One: Thursday – Leaving Orlando


You’re not really leaving, are you?




It’s party time! Yay! But first I have to say goodbye to my kitties and Hubby, who I will miss dearly on this trip. As much as I want to take them, I’m sad to be leaving my precious loves behind. I don’t think Milly and Chester would like a cruise ship, even though they might have fun fishing off the side of the boat.

I try not to cry as I hug Chester and try to find Milly, who was hiding in my closet. So about 1pm, I leave Orlando and head down to Port St Lucie to spend the night before going to Miami. It’s pretty uneventful and the food was awesome. (This is my plug for my stepmom’s cooking because it’s awesome and I want her to keep feeding me!

Anywho, after a good night’s sleep, we’re off to the Port of Miami!


ย Day Two: We’re Cruising… on a… err… Friday Afternoon.

View at Lunch

So I don’t know why anyone asks for directions if you are simply not going to listen to them and go your own way. Seriously. ๐Ÿ˜› Somehow, we manage to get to the port of Miami without losing a limb.


Welcome to Miami! So after listening to one of the porters shout for fifteen minutes that he was “where the bags were dropped off, ladies and gentlemen” at, we embark and immediately head upstairs for the beginning of our feast ๐Ÿ™‚

After that, we head up to our rooms and find our bags are mostly there, except for my most important bag of all. My pillow and blanket. Most of the people I travel with will tell you how psycho I am about traveling with my own pillow but in recent years I have to take along my cotton blanket too, much to chagrin of Milly, who is usually wrapped up in it at home.

(I have been known to leave it behind for the babies at the cattery if absolutely necessary. I’m not heartless.)

Anyway, while talking to my stepmom in the hallway, I spy what suspiciously looks like my bag over by someone else’s door. I start yelling “That’s my bag!” and I run over to look at it and sure enough it’s my bag! With someone else’s luggage. Grr. I can’t tell you the level of drama there would have been if I hadn’t received my pillow and blankey.


Not sure what this is

Anyway, we rest up for more food and I sit out on my porch for a little bit as we leave port. They have to wait to turn the stabilizers on so the boat is a little rocky while we go down to enjoy lobster. And when I say enjoy lobster, I mean everyone else but me enjoy lobster. I have become completely seafood intolerant and I don’t want to ruin this cruise by ending up not being able to breathe and in the medical doctor’s office (more on that later).

My steak was really good though! My second steak of the day ๐Ÿ˜€ and in the middle of dinner, I can tell the moment, they turn the stabilizers on and after dessert, I’m ready to trek upstairs and sleep. Oh so good! ๐Ÿ™‚



Day Three: Nassau! Or better known as… SUN. AHHHHH! *runs*



Our boat is at the back.
Of course!

So I’m feeling rather spry this morning and I agree to meet my dad and stepmom for breakfast, which is awesome, except for the guy washing the windows. It literally sounds like the guy is ripping into the hull. We thought they were doing maintenance but instead along comes the NCL dude with a hose. *quirks an eyebrow* Really?

So if I had planned to get off the boat, I would have brought a hat along with my sunglasses. Because of the chemo, my skin is now very sensitive to sun, which makes me very sad. I love the sun and I often work outside. When I work or visiting theme parks, I’m prepared with sunscreen but I really had no intention of getting off the Sky.

Also around this time, I find out I can get cell reception, for a fee. I’m all over that! Checking in is overrated though as I’m suddenly missing my cats like whoa. And by cats, I mean Milly, Chester and my Hubby-cat. ๐Ÿ˜€

But after my dad finds me a trusty hat, I’m good to go along with my jacket and after walking through the market, we hit a few shops to check out the the name brand merchandise. After saying 3-4 times, “I can get this at the outlet mall for half this price,” we head back to the ship for more food. No joke, we’re all about the food! ๐Ÿ™‚ Although we do stop at a Subway for a bottle of water. Good to know there are some comforts from home.


My view from our cabin.
It’s okay to be jealous!

At lunch, my dad shows me his wrist, which has this bunch of weird raised welt on it. I’m thinking that looks like a rash or a burn. I tell him to take some Benadryl to be certain it’s not an allergy and we head our separate ways until dinner.


Is it chilly in here?

We have dinner at the fabulous French restaurant Le Bistro, which out of all the pay restaurants, I have to say is the best. While the food at the dining room is terrific, Le Bistro blows them all away. I should have taken pictures of our food, it was that amazing! Everyone but me ordered escargo and all I could think of was Trading Places, when that rich dude was telling the joke. I almost told that joke, but I thought everyone knew it. Our waiter was cool.

My dad complained at dinner that his skin felt really sensitive, but my dad can be a little dramatic. I usually blow off pain and odd sensations until my skin or limbs are hanging off or at weird angles.ย  Because usually, it’s just lupus or fibromyalgia or some other illness I have yet to be diagnosed with yet.

So he went upstairs to change into some more comfortable shorts instead and while we are cooing at our penguin, they call me over to look at my dad’s horrible rash that has now spread all over his legs. I start freaking out and telling him to go down to medical. They are closed but we dose him up with Benadryl and since he isn’t exhibiting no other symptoms of an allergic reaction, I tell Helene to watch him for symptoms ofย anaphylactic shock and though I worry about him all night, I head to bed while praying he gets better.


Day Four: My own private island… and the day my dad turns into a real damn dragon.


I’ll tell you about my day, but first check out the view!


Taken with the panorama function on my iPhone. It’s really cool!


I wake up early but I wait for a while to go over and knock on my dad’s door. They’re still asleep but they say they’ll meet me down at breakfast. After I gather my stuff (because I always need my creamers) and wander a little bit, I head downstairs. They’re downstairs and my dad’s hands literally look like they are covered in scales and I think “He’s turned into a dragon on me!” Anyway, medical is open and they find out it is a drug reaction. My dad was given some niacin to help control his triglycerides (which, by the way, is the only thing wrong with his perfect health) and he has taken it before, but this was a prescription. I guess there was something else in that prescription other than niacin.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP! – Do not take new medications before a cruise. – That is all.

Anyway, my dad is a good sport. He said other than his skin being a little sensitive, he feels fine but he has to stay out of the sun.ย  At least I can enjoy the rest of the cruise without worrying constantly about him. Not that I’m going out to the island pictured so gorgeously above. My skin would melt off.


More beauty!

I missed them going to lunch but I manage to catch up to my sister after their done with lunch. (I see a pattern rotating around food. I got hungry while writing this post and made myself a sandwich, though I wish I could have one of the salads I had on the ship) After the parental units leave, I had a paper plane race with my sister using sugar packets.

If you’ll notice, I haven’t mentioned my sister much. That’s because she’s quiet as a mouse and does her own thing, much like me. For the most part, she just listened to music and wandered around. We get along well because of this.

When our parents come back through, we give them our most innocent look and then go back to terrorizing the waitresses with our aerial marvels. After we got bored, we found the ‘rents outside and my dad spends most of the rest of the last day of our cruise under a towel out on the pool deck while my stepmom catches a few rays.


OMG It’s a monkey!

Surprisingly, we seem to have internet from the private island. Wow. I was excited because I got to use up the data package, although at the end of the day, I didn’t realize we were pulling away. As I tried to text my hubby about my dad’s animorphing into a dragon, I kept losing signal, although I could seem to get it when I stood by my sister’s suitcase to tell him I would call when we got into Miami. Somehow I managed to post to Facebook, while my text to hubby was lost at sea. His text made it to me though, which likened my father’s scales to a fish. It was the same thing my sister had said to me, which leads me to believe that my sister and husband were destined to be siblings. Or they share a brain. I’m not sure how I feel about the latter.

At least those texts were better than the ones that were about his internet being slow. I didn’t give a shit about that, nor could I begin to troubleshoot a broken internet connection while at sea. Anyway, I obsess over packing and realize for once, I’ve brought too much luggage. I didn’t even have to use my space bags. But I save one piece of luggage for my pillow and blanket in the morning.

Our final dinner at sea was awesome, except they lost the wine bottle. It was marked under my room so there was plenty of wine to be had, except by me. I’m so square. As visions of sugar plums dance in my head, I fell asleep as we sailed back into Miami.


Day Five: How did this turn into a five day trip when it was a 3 day cruise? Back into the fire…


So I woke up before my alarm. Wow. I hate that. Anyway, I drink the last of the water in the cabin before stuffing my pillow and blankey in my suitcase. As I’m packing, I finally find the room service menu. Geez. We have a couple hours to get off the cruise ship and we head to our last breakfast on board… well, at least until the next cruise. Can I say how much I love poached eggs? I love them like whoa.

All in all, I had an awesome time. A 3 day cruise is just the right amount of time to be away from my precious cats before I’m willing to charter a yacht to get back to Florida to see them. While I didn’t get any writing done, I did a lot of reading, enjoying a Ryan Field book as well a few freebies I picked up before the cruise. Although one book did prompt me to turn to my sister and warn, “Look, if your car breaks down and a guy in a million dollar sports car parks behind you, it’s okay to talk to him. But if he just gives you an address to show up at and leaves without helping you at all, not even offering his cell to call a tow truck, tell him to fuck off.”

I thought that was good life lesson advice.