Q&A about Replacement Guitarist (among other things!)

Hi! So I’ve been fielding lots of questions via e-mail and Facebook and Twitter about re-releasing my first book The Replacement Guitarist and the sequel Home For The Holidays. I thought I would list a few of the questions here.


Q: I bought both books when they were previously published. Do I have to re-buy them again?

A: Great question! For The Replacement Guitarist, while there were edits made, the story is essentially the same. So if you liked the first edition, by all means keep it and enjoy it! No need to re-buy that book 🙂 On Home For The Holidays, almost half of it is new, never before published material. Rather than release it as a separate novella and sell it as three books to make more money, I’ve included it in Home For The Holidays. It’s titled The Journey Onward, which felt aptly named after the year I’ve had losing family members, fighting cancer and continuing my ongoing battle against lupus.

And now through the first few days of December, I’ve priced it at 99c! Woo hoo!


Q: Are there going to be more books in the Replacement Guitarist series?

A: Short answer – YES! Long answer: Yes but I’m not sure how many books. Maybe one, maybe two, depending on how far out the story line goes. I know the series arc and where it has to end, but a lot happens between the end of Home For The Holidays and Jason and Blaze’s Happily Ever After. They will have a HEA, I promise. Sometimes you can’t see the edge of the forest because the of the trees in front of you but keep walking.


Q: Can you tell me what’s going to happen in the series?

A: No.


Q: When will you be releasing the next Replacement Guitarist book?

A: Well, that’s complex. Right now, I have a very insistent Dom from the Dangerous Affairs series demanding his book. I don’t know about you but Stefan looks pretty damn good in his leathers.

(Lori walks off drooling)

Yeah I started this post a few days ago but then I started thinking about Stefan and wandered off. I’m back now. Into The Fire is about half done and I hope to get this out in 2014. 🙂 I’ll be posting snippets from the book here.


Lastly, I just want to thank all my fans. You guys are absolutely amazing! To all the people who have read The Replacement Guitarist and Home For The Holidays, thank you! Lots of love from Jason and Blaze. They both heart you!